I’m Louise and I do graphic design based in activism, humour, and traditional print. My practice is influenced by colour and boldness, as well as function. I think ”clean” design is a myth, I believe in design that speaks loud and proud and doesn’t take itself too seriously.
I studied traditional graphic design, typography, and printing techniques at Brobygrafiska between 2017-2019. Here I gained not only an elaborate set of technical skills in software and other tools – but also an understanding of branding and how to communicate in a digital field while keeping one foot with the tactile. The work I do often exists in the sweet-spot right between analoge and digital design. This is where I thrive.
I’ve worked in commercial scale print shops and done design work for advertisement-, strategy-, and design agencies in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. Mainly in graphic design and branding, but also with animation and UI/UX-design towards e-commerce.
I’m currently working on my BA in Design at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg from where I’ll graduate in 2023. I’m working on exploring art in relation to my commercial design practice.
If you want to collaborate, need some extra muscle in a project, or just have a cool idea – don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Louise Sundqvist © 2022
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