Branding, UI/UX-design, graphic design, print.
Project with Ilona Viarouchyk, Jan Görs, and Nille S Lindqvist
Yasuragi is a traditional Japanese onsen and hotel located at Hasseludden outside of Stockholm. They combine the Japanese traditional bathing ritual, with carefully selected food and drinks. All in a calm and stress-free location suitable for recreation and reflection. 
Redesigning this brand got its kick-off from some architectural changes newly added to the site. We took inspiration from the site itself but mainly from the concept of contrast and different materials meeting. We wanted this contrast in every part of the brand, both in formats, colors and in typography. 
We created a new packaging solution for the iconic yukata and swimwear that all guests are handed at arrival, alongside other pieces such as restaurant menus, keycards, and door-tags. My main responsibility in this project was the UI/UX-design and animation.